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If you're visiting this page it's because you've heard about our High School SpokesModel program. You might have known a friend who was involved in it this past year, you might have seen a post on Facebook or Instagram or maybe you even received a postcard about it in the mail. Whatever the reason, please take the time to read over this page to bring you up to speed on what our program is and what the benefits are to you. Once you reach the bottom of this page, there is a line that says, "Click here for our SpokesModel Application!" This will take you to a Google form where you can officially apply to be a SpokesModel.If you are in the Class of 2020 or later, feel free to go ahead and fill out the application to be first to know when we begin drafting for YOUR team (this will most likely occur between December 2018 - January 2019).

Classical Photography continues to be the leader in senior portraits in West Georgia and East Alabama. We started photographing high school seniors beginning with the Class of 1996! We were also the first studio in the area to introduce "The Model Program", way back with the Class of 1998. Even though our Class of 2018 season is just winding down, we're always looking ahead!


We pull in seniors every year from more than 20 high schools and our goal is to have at least one SpokesModel from each of these schools. We'll often pick more than one from the larger schools in our market. This year we have almost 40 on our Class of 2018 team. These students represent the best and brightest upcoming graduates of West Georgia and East Alabama.

So, what is a SpokesModel and what Great things do you get to do when you're selected?


A Classical SpokesModel is a student who will be graduating with the Class of 2019. We seek out those of you who are active and involved in both school and or community. It doesn't mean your family is the richest in town, nor does it mean that you're the best looking guy or girl at your means that you're a hard worker and your fellow classmates and teachers, like and respect you. That's what's most important to Classical. We want kind, considerate, well rounded students to represent our studio for the Class of 2019. Our program is not a popularity contest, it's a fun way for you to shine and have an amazing time during this, your final, exciting year of high school.

Rogers_Sarah Grace049_E.jpg

SpokesModels are representatives of our studio who are photographed early to show off our current image options to their friends and classmates. We always want to showcase our newest looks, sets, and styles to the rising seniors and we find that our SpokesModel team is the best way to do this. Most seniors have their portraits created in the summer before their senior year, and we want the current class to see a good mix of images prior to getting out for the summer. SpokesModel sessions begin in the spring and continue into the summer. You don't just get one visit that lasts 30 minutes or an hour, you get to be photographed multiple times, in a variety of different ways, to showcase not only your unique personality, but also our unique studio style.


SpokesModels will be the face of Classical Photography for their class. They start off with a introductory inside session not long after joining the program. This will be utilized to showcase them as a SpokesModel to their classmates and the community. Then, we'll schedule a full session here at our studio to complete the remainder of their session. We'll make use of tons of the great options that make the sample images you see throughout our site look so amazing. Once it's warmer,  we'll schedule our most unique option, our "Let it Rain" session. This amazing shoot is exclusive to Classical and SpokesModels get it for FREE! Finally, our SpokesModels also have the option of adding in an on-location destination to their experience to truly make their session one of a kind.

It goes without saying, that these images we create of you will be your senior portraits. They will represent the coolest combinations of what we and you collaborate on over a period of months. No where else can you experience such a interesting mix of photography.

So, I'm guessing you're wondering what it is you need to do to put your name in the hat to be a Senior SpokesModel. First of all, you need to apply to be considered to be a part of our team. The link below leads to our online entry form that will be submitted to us to view. You'll need to fill it out completely and include a recent snapshot of yourself. Be sure your mom or dad are on board with this as well. We do require parental permission for you to participate in our program. Everyone who applies will not be invited in. Those invited in will have an interview and information session with Classical's owners, Kash and Sherry, and you and your parent(s) before moving on. These will begin in early 2019 for the Class of 2020. Soon after that, we'll begin scheduling the first photo shoots for each team member. It will be nothing but fun for you from that point forward. Click on the link below to get started now! (Clicking below will take you to a Google Form.)

Click here for our SpokesModel Application!