Selection and Prices

The Selection Process


This section shares information on what happens after you've been photographed. The details about your session choices and options are under the "Seniors", "Babies and Bumps" and "Children and Families" sections. Please begin your search for information there.

Your photo shoot will be incredibly fun and result in an enormous quantity of beautiful images for you to select from. When your session ends, we'll schedule a time for you to return to our studio to view your images. Usually this is just a week after the photo shoot itself. The session you select will determine how many final images we end up presenting to you. Our senior sessions range from the Drive Thru with 40 images to our Infinity and Beyond session results in over 200. Our newborn through family images range from 40 to over 100 images, depending on a number of factors. No matter how many final images you end up seeing, you'll have many options once you begin selecting your favorites.


When you return to our studio, you will be viewing a slideshow of your images. At that time, you may make all of your selections or you might pay a deposit and check your images out of the studio for a week. Whatever you decide, the process is very simple and streamlined. The hardest part will be selecting your favorites. This presentation session normally lasts less than 30 minutes, but will last longer if you make your decisions that day.

Once you decide which images are your favorites, you would then determine what prints and products you wish to purchase from them. We have packages available that provide you with combinations of smaller prints and framed collections and we also offer collections of digital files. There are also a la carte options on both of the above that allow you to create your own combinations.


With our senior portrait sessions, your beginning pricing options are determined by the length of the session you select. The more of a time commitment we make towards creating your portraits, the more of a financial commitment you have when purchasing them. These details are listed on the Session Options page. All of our other sessions have a beginning price point as listed below.



Our print packages begin at $180 and our digital collections begin at $500. The $180 package consists of 1-8x10, 2-5x7s and 8 wallets, while the digital collection consists of five fully retouched files with print release. These are the beginning points on our pricing. All packages and digital collections above these two points provide ever increasing discounts on the prints and files provided. Essentially, the more you purchase, the more of a discount you'll receive.

We do have a multi page price booklet that we'll be more than happy to send your way, however you must request this either in person or over the phone. This booklet provides all of the packages and collections we offer and it also shows you all of the varied product options we offer as well.


You can reach us at our studio at 770-832-9090, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm. We'll discuss your specific needs, the options for your session and we'll then get additional information out to you in the mail.