Session Options


What kind of sessions does Classical offer? Sessions with our studio are as varied as your personality, but we've broken them down into four distinct categories. These categories are based on our more than 20 years of experience as professional photographers working with high school seniors and listening to the requests of those seniors. We have learned that it doesn't benefit you or us to force you into a session that doesn't meet you and your family's needs. You're unique and we want your session to showcase that.


The Drive Thru         $60


Short, sweet and to the point. Our “Drive Thru” session is a great option for those who want beautiful portraits, but don’t really want to do an enormous number of outfits. Bring in two of your own outfits, we’ll provide a tux for guys or a drape for girls for the traditional senior formal. Your two outfits can be photographed inside our massive studio, outside on our expansive property or you can choose to have one taken inside and the other taken outside. We’ll create approximately 40 images during this 45 minute session and portrait packages begin at $200.

The 90                  $125


This has been our most popular session for more than 20 years. It's a 90 minute, indoor and outdoor session here at our Carrollton studio allowing you four outfits. It's a great session to provide you with a wonderful variety of both studio and outdoor images. We'll begin the session inside, where we'll work with one to two of your outfits. Then we'll mix in the studio drape or tux for the formal senior look. Once we're finished inside, we'll move outside with the remaining outfits to capture some stunning images utilizing our multiple acre grounds, our lake and all our unique outside props and sets. The end result will be 100+ images to choose from! The session fee is $125 and your minimum order begins at only $500.


The B.Y.O.S.             $-You Decide


This is our “Build Your Own Session” option. This has to be used for at least a two outfit session.  Many of our seniors love what we produce in our studio and on our 15 acre property, but they also want to mix in some different locations to make the session uniquely them. This choice provides them with just that option. We base this session fee on the number of outfits and locations that you eventually end up choosing. First, every session begins with the traditional drape or tux here at our studio, this does not count as one of your outfits. Then, you can select how many outfits you’d like to work with either here at our property, at locations of your choosing, or some combination of both. We have a number of locations that we love to work at and we’re happy to suggest, or you can choose one of your own. Your minimum order will be based on the total size and time required to complete your session beginning with a base minimum order of $750. However, larger sessions will require larger minimum orders. We’ll schedule a time here at our studio to plan out your custom session and provide you with a detailed breakdown of your expected commitment.

Session Fees
Outfits here at our location                    $30 each
Outfits on location within 15 minutes of Carrollton        $50 each
Outfits beyond 15 minutes of Carrollton            $75+ each
Rain Session (limited times in the summer)    $50
Example: three outfits here ($90) + two locations within 15 minutes of Carrollton ($100). Your total session fee will be $190. 

"Let it Rain" Add on     $50

We've always had fun pushing the envelope a bit and this new look is definitely a great example of that. We have created a rain machine here at Classical and wow does it look amazing! This session is a great addition to one of our above senior session options. We will create 20 to 30 images in one outfit, starting with a dry look and progressively getting wetter throughout the experience. Waterproof makeup is a must for girls and we recommend black for the most impact. We have also worked with some seniors in the sports uniforms and we love how this look turns out. Also, if you have a specific idea that you would like to share with us, don't hesitate to run it by us. We love to try new, creative options! As mentioned above, this is an add on session to one of our senior options. You will not have an additional minimum with this, it just folds into your existing senior session. However, this session will occur on a separate day from your full session as it requires special set up time.