Session Options


What kind of sessions does Classical offer? Sessions with our studio are as varied as your personality, but we've broken them down into four distinct categories. These categories are based on our more than 20 years of experience as professional photographers working with high school seniors and listening to the requests of those seniors. We have learned that it doesn't benefit you or us to force you into a session that doesn't meet you and your family's needs. You're unique and we want your session to showcase that.



The Drive Thru         60

This is the session for those who are indifferent about senior portraits, but know that the school photographer can't make anyone look good. This is also the way you can make your mom happy, in the shortest amount of time in front of a camera possible. We realize some of you could care less about having senior portraits done, but at the same time, you want to make sure you still look good. If this describes you, then The Drive Thru session was created with you in mind. It's a 30 minute session and you can bring two outfits to our Carrollton studio, plus we'll provide the drape or tux for the traditional yearbook pose. We'll work both inside and outside to create a great mix of images. The session fee is only $60 and we'll create up to 40 images during our time together. Your minimum portrait order begins at $180.



The 90                  125

This has been our mainstay for more than 20 years. It's a 90 minute, indoor and outdoor session here at our Carrollton studio featuring five outfits. It's a great session to provide you with a wonderful variety of both studio and outdoor images. We'll begin the session inside, where we'll work with two of your outfits. Then we'll mix in the studio drape or tux for the yearbook. No one does a better job on this than we fact, most "on-location only" photographers can't do it at all. Once we're finished inside, we'll move outside with three more of your outfits to capture some stunning images utilizing our multiple acre grounds, our lake and all our unique outside props and sets. The end result will be close to 100 images to choose from! The session fee is $125 and your minimum order begins at $400.



The Infinite             150

Why The Infinite? Because your choices in this session are just that... infinite. We'll consult with you to discuss exactly what you are wanting to do for your senior session. This session is for the senior guy or girl who wants to be completely different from all of their friends. Do you want this to be 100% on-location? Great, we can do that. Do you have a unique vision for what you're wanting to do...Wonderful! Let's collaborate to design a session that captures that true look that's in your head. This may mean we shoot at your school, or a family farm or a cool, local hotspot. Whatever you can imagine, we'll help create! As this is a very collaborative process, we need to speak with you to discuss this session. The session fee begins at $150. It might end up being higher if your vision takes us to a far away location, but once again, that's up to you. We'll create 100 plus images over a two hour period from a minimum of five outfits in this session. Your minimum order begins at $650.


To Infinity..& Beyond! 300

Cheesy huh? Sorry! But we want you to realize this session is EVERYTHING you could ever want. This session truly lets you do it all .. with outfits inside, outside, on-location, AND a rain session! This is very similar to what we GIVE our SpokesModels who join us in their Junior year. . .. . but now open to those who want this experience any time during the summer before their senior year (this time frame is due to rain sessions.. has to be warm for those).  Due to the extensive nature of this session, a minimum order of $1500 is required as well as a pre portrait planning consultation.




"Let it Rain" Add on     50

We've always had fun pushing the envelope a bit and this new look is definitely a great example of that. We have created a rain machine here at Classical and wow does it look amazing! This session is a great addition to one of our above senior session options. We will create 20 to 30 images in one outfit, starting with a dry look and progressively getting wetter throughout the experience. Waterproof makeup is a must for girls and we recommend black for the most impact. We have also worked with some seniors in the sports uniforms and we love how this look turns out. Also, if you have a specific idea that you would like to share with us, don't hesitate to run it by us. We love to try new, creative options! As mentioned above, this is an add on session to one of our senior options. You will not have an additional minimum with this, it just folds into your existing senior session. However, this session will occur on a separate day from your full session as it requires special set up time.